What is “Igniting the World?”

A joint venture between Upper Columbia Academy and FoundationONE

  • A fundraising campaign that will build long-term sustainability for UCA.
  • A comprehensive campaign based on a 5-year master plan.

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The Vision

UCA is celebrating 100 years! Since 1921 Upper Columbia Academy has been producing world-class leaders—leaders for the church, healthcare, education, and business. Today we have approximately 6,000 living alumni encircling the globe, igniting the world with Jesus’ love. Now, in this 21st century, our world needs great leaders as never before. This is no time to rest on our laurels. Our mission is as vital now as it was in the beginning. But currently, UCA is caught between two paradigms. It is time to solve the affordability issue and to empower UCA to reach the highest levels of service.

Our $15 million goal not only impacts UCA and its students. As students go forth and continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus, the whole world is enlightened!

“The challenges now facing our Adventist educational system are real and urgent.

So I have been delighted to see both the creativity of Upper Columbia Academy leadership and the remarkable degree of alumni support for my own alma mater. Their campus programming retains an emphasis on productive work skills, undergirded by the strong spiritual foundation that has always distinguished UCA. We need this proven model of life changing, residential education, together with robust endowments, to keep our school unique and sustainable. And now the integration of FoundationONE’s successful fundraising combined with a debt amortization commitment from the Upper Columbia Conference has brought a permanent solution within reach. I urge you to join Judy and me in bringing this dream to reality.”

— Richard Hart, ’62, MD, DrPH

President, Loma Linda University Health
Honorary Chair, Igniting the World Campaign


“We didn’t just go to school here, we grew up here.”  Joanna Nelson, ‘88

The Igniting the World Case for Support

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